Welcome to my website!

Discover a webpage i made with ❤️ (and a little bit of ☕), like everything i program.

ⓘ About Me

Hi! I'm a weird boy from Mars that learns computer sience and doesn't know how to stop programming.

In the few years I program, I made:

  • webtons of cool Websites
  • gameGames in Godot, JavaScript and Scratch
  • brainAIs that gonna take over the world 😏
  • apiAPIs in Python and NodeJS
  • botDiscord Bots
  • databaseDatabases

and all together, they made me the developer I am today.

Currently, I'm really interested AI.
I'm learning more about it all the time, and I used it to play games, recognize faces, and even detect someone's voice!

💻 Skills

  Unity (learning):

🔧 Projects

I've talked a lot now, but i think showing you same of my projects will show my coding skills much beter, so here are some of my projects, you can see all of them here.

See All Projects

☏ Contact Me

If you want me to make a website for you, ask me something or just want to become friends, you can always use one of the platforms below: